teton87 (teton87) wrote in wyredneck,

Hey Everybody

Well, you got me to join too. I don't know how entertaining I'll be, but I guess we'll find out. Can't believe the boys are almost 1 - can you??? Just started working on his album, since we've moved twice and everything since he was born...hopefully will get caught up soon!!!!
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I'm glad you did join. I don't know I think I was bored and it looked fun. I know I can't believe how fast this last year has gone. Seems like just last year I was misesrable at fair and here we are coming up on 1 year. So are you guys settled? Don't worry about the album, I still don't have Riley's photo album done and she's 11. Maybe someday. Thanks what I always say, but someday never comes. Well good to hear from you. Just post any ol thing you want on here. Rant, rave or share a funny story. It doesnt' matter. Talk to you soon!
NOT thanks...I meant THATS....*sigh*